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website promotion

Thursday 9:58 pm
From the desk of Ray L. Edwards

Dear Friend,

think that I stopped breathing for a moment! I felt a rush of adrenaline. You'll guess much like striking gold.

I looked at my web stats page for about 5 minutes. Just couldn't believe what they revealed. There had to be some mistake. But no ... this turned out to be one of the best kept traffic secrets on the Internet. I was getting FREE traffic by doing absolutely nothing!

Yes, my stats were not fooling me at all!

traffic stats

But I'm getting ahead of myself here. You see, I had just ordered a 'guaranteed traffic' package for $30. The company would send 10,000 visitors to my site and I think they did come within about 6 hours and it was all over.

My stats said 70% used Chinese language browsers, and my site which of course was in English -- did not interest them as the zero orders showed.

Anyway I must confess that I was warned about those "guaranteed traffic programs", but there are some things you want to see for yourself. Needless to say I was very angry and sent the company a not-so-kind letter.

I was really getting desperate after trying so many different "free traffic" programs with little results. I've tried safelists, start page programs, posting to FFA pages .. the list goes on, and nothing seemed to be working .... until now.

And baby are you going to be a happy camper when you see this!?

I continued to use my little secret just to be sure that there was no mistake and there wasn't. First I thought that this was something I should keep to myself, but the results have been so overwhelming that I just cannot keep silent any longer.


This Traffic Breakthrough Is The Cherry On Top!!

"I have 2 systems that I am about to launch. Have spent 15 months putting them together. The hardcopy part of the research is 16000 pages. The rest sits on my 2 hard drives. About 2800 pages cover traffic generation alone. Your traffic breakthrough is the cherry on top!!!"
-Don McDonough, ZA

Hi Ray,

I did not read through your ebook "The No-Click Traffic Secret", I "ate" it. I NEVER read something like this before.

Thank you so much!

-Dr. Edward N. Collins (


The Amazing Simplicity
Will Totally Surprise You ...

Just in case you think that this is just "one of those other programs" you are dead wrong. This is NOT a program - it's too simple to be called that. This is so simple that you'll be amazed that you never thought about it before.

This little trick is so simple and yet so powerful, you can be up and running today .... this very hour!

After arguing with myself whether to keep this or share it, you won - you can have it. Now this was no easy decision because I'm swimming so much in free traffic that I was thinking about selling some ... and I could. Be happy that my mother taught me about the importance of sharing at a young age.

So now after long hours of toil and labor, you can have in your hands in the next few minutes The No-Click Traffic Secret..... !


"Herein lies the easiest FREE traffic generating system to be found anywhere on the Internet -bar none!"

I've used this system to rack up over 5,743 hits in just 3 weeks after 10 minutes of 'work'. If you think you know this system you are thinking too hard, because it's so simple, it will escape you!

After you download my ebook you will think that I was CRAZY to reveal this. In fact, I have been strongly discouraged by top Internet marketing friends not to release this. You may think that I lack ambition, you may think that it just didn't make sense to tell .. think what you want but the cat is out of the bag!


Sorry, But This Is
NOT A "Secret" That You Know!

I am sure that you've been there too.

You're promised this great "secret" only after you've made your purchase to find out that you knew this all along. You see, marketing experts know that the word 'secret' has selling power. I see the word thrown around all over the Internet ... 7 secrets to blah blah blah ... 10 secrets to blah, blah.

This is NOT the case here. In fact, I guarantee you that this will be a totally NEW concept to you --- a real secret. With hundreds of satisfied customers, not one could say "this is just rehashed info--not one".

I'm constantly looking for traffic-generation systems and I have found NONE that can compare in power AND simplicity to the NCTS system. I keep buying systems all the time and I'm disappointed over and over again.

So if you're looking for a new place to just throw away your hard-earned money then you've come to the wrong place. And if you have any doubt that this system can work for you then don't even waste your time to read any further ... (Bye to the doubters!)

But if you like me, believe that 'fate' has lead you to this site then ...


Here are just a few things you
can expect to get immediately:

  • Free targeted traffic to your web site.

  • Increase sales now because of your greater exposure. The more people coming to your site the more sales you can expect to make. (By the way I have had better results from this little strategy than from my Pay Per Click campaigns.)

  • A set-it-up-and-forget-about-it constant traffic affair.

  • No special software to install or buy ever! You already have everything you need once you are connected to the Internet.

  • No monthly subscription fee or upgrades to buy ever. You get a hold of this trick and its yours forever -- you can put it to full use.

  • A sudden excitement because this gives you such an unfair advantage over your competitors who are still doing it the hard way - paying for traffic.

  • At the rate at which 'guaranteed traffic is sold these days - you can save yourself over $3,600 per year using this little secret.

  • Your site traffic would grow so fast that you'll be rushing to set up more income producing websites with this magical breakthrough in no cost, no-click traffic generation.

  • Once you discover the 4 simple steps there is no stopping you ... you are on the move. Forget about those 12 steps programs - too hard!

  • There is no clicking, opening your web browser a thousands times per day ... you do NOTHING, but wait and see the free traffic come in --- and the sales soar. (Your sale depends on other factors than traffic of course.)

  • Increase your Opt-in subscriber rate while you sleep or play golf! And you thought that building a subscriber list was hard ... huh?

  • Get FREE unlimited banner impressions and you determine just how much you want. This strategy will just floor you, guaranteed!

  • You will be totally shocked that you never thought about this before. Remember that this was discovered by pure accident. My story of this 'find' will surprise you. ( It's all in the book!)


Amazingly Simple!

"I am always looking for traffic especially, if it is free. Ray's unique concept is so simple, but so effective. I highly recommend that you discover how to get this free traffic".
Jerry Robertson

"Ray, This is amazing, wow! I never imagined that I could get traffic that easily ... you really have something there!"

-V. Riley, NM, USA

"I just downloaded the ebook and read it. Sheer genius! Thanks"

-Tom Giezentanner, CA, USA.


What I'm About To Share With You Can Transform Your Website Traffic Instantly


You'll get more traffic FASTER than submitting to Search Engines. What is this worth to you? I don't know. All I know is that I have spent hundreds of dollars in the last few months before uncovering this gem just in programs to get visitors to my site. Now I get them free!

Simply Ingenious!

"I just wanted to say thanks for the no-click traffic secret!
Quite an amazing concept
...and I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I read the simplicity...
I have found a whole lot of people interested in this secret. I told them the results and some have gone so far as to beg me for the process.

People actually offered to pay me for the information.
... why on earth would you be telling people this information??? You could have easily kept it to yourself and probably made tons just from that one little method!

-Christopher Schumacher


I just wanted to send you a quick note, giving you the recognition that you deserve for two things. The first being that you actually sold me a product that was of use to me. I had been so used to buying useless products, that this in itself made my day!

The second being that the "No Click Traffic" secret is simply ingenious! I Love it. As soon as I read it, it made perfect sense to me. Ya gotta Love that!

Anyway I just want to say congratulations on being one of the few people out their that actually do care about others.

-Jason Rushton
Nova Scotia, Canada


I don't know if you often get e-mail like this, but I wanted to say "Thank you" for the e-book. Last night I bought, downloaded and read "No-Click Traffic."

Thank God for the teacher in you; as a newbie in internet business, I found your ebook to be straightforward and much easier to understand than the others I have read.

I'm looking forward to marketing my website now, and I believe with this information I can finally draw the visitors I've been looking for.
Thanks again!

-Linda Leeth, SA, Texas


Just in traffic alone this system will pay for itself within a few weeks.

Oh yes! Talking about paying for itself, you can have this for immediate download for just $59.97! I know, don't say it -- that's a steal. (Just don't tell my wife about this. She would not appreciate me giving this away like this)

But wait ... I think that I want to do something special for you. Because this is an electronic product and it cost me almost zero dollars to deliver, I will let you have this treasured, powerful, simple, traffic building system for just $59.97 $37.77! (Offering a discount on a valuable product is one sure way of building traffic -- this is not the secret though.)


But Wait! There's More ...

How would you like to get the NCTS system for FREE? You read right ... for zilch! Well, if you place your order right now you can get another incredible package that I'm selling right now for $47 as a bonus which will make your NCTS system free.

Click Here To See This Bonus Package!

(Note: Do not order from that page. That's a separate package.)

You read right ... that's a total of over $1,085 in bonuses alone. There's just one small catch though. I cannot promise you how long these bonuses will be offered.

So you have to ACT NOW because once the word gets out and the laws of economics take over, I will have to raise the price... back to the original price or even more. (Customers have actually 'complained' to me that I was selling this secret information for too little - and I love to listen to my customers!)

So hurry and click below to secure copy now!

(NOTE: Because of the nature of this digital product and "trade secret" ALL sales are FINAL. There is no way to "return" the secret once you know it. Your purchase indicates that you agree to these terms. Also if you use the PayPal e-check option there will be a typical 3-4 day delay in PayPal completing your transaction, after which you'll receive a confirmation email from PayPal and the download link.)

Order today and make an INSTANT change in your site's traffic -- GETTING IT FREE!

Also, remember that you get FREE exclusive email and phone support at your request. (A $97 value.)

I cannot promise you that this incredibly simple but powerful traffic tool will be of any use to you because you may just read the book and don't apply the knowledge. But I can promise you that this easy tool will drive as much traffic as you can handle to your websites.

Wishing you success!

website promotion

Ray L. Edwards
Published Author, Copywriter, Marketing Consultant

P.S. It would really be a shame if you allow this simple but powerful traffic system to pass you by ... and especially when I am literally giving it away! (To order by mail click here and print order form.)

(Pssst! ... Just something between you and me -- my customer list is pretty confidential so I cannot share it with you. But you'll be shocked to know the owners from some of the most popular traffic generation systems who have bought my ebook.

No doubt they will plug this into their systems soon and make thousands of dollars. This is why some of my Internet marketing buddies are calling me 'stupid' to release this. I am accustomed to my kindness being misinterpreted as stupidity.)

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